Healthcare is never stagnant. It is constantly transforming to meet the changing needs of physicians and patients. In order to provide more improved care to patients, the way that we diagnose, treat, and monitor health becomes more advanced in order to best serve those in need.

One area that has had a major influence on bettering healthcare is technology. The benefits of telehealth are widespread and range from small conveniences to life-changing possibilities. Telehealth will not only continue to become more prominent in healthcare, it will become integral. 36 million Americans already use telehealth in one way or another.

The benefits of telehealth are seemingly endless, but there are a few that are worth highlighting for their immense impact:


On a small scale, telehealth eliminates time spent wasted in office or hospital waiting rooms, as well as time spent driving to and from visits. This small convenience proves invaluable not only for individuals who no longer have to sacrifice such long periods of time to speak with a physician, but for everyone. Telehealth helps to speed up the process of what a typical visit would look like, which means that physicians would be able to “see” more patients in a day.

Increased Accessibility

On a larger scale, telehealth works to give more individuals access to a physician. These individuals may have had difficulty physically getting to a physician in the past or, on a more global scale, just don’t have access to a physician like we do.


Receiving adequate care from a physician can get very expensive. Just visiting a doctor’s office can cost you $43 in lost time, not even counting the actual medical bill that will rack up during your visit. Eliminating transportation costs – especially for those who require care on a more frequent basis – is just the starting point. The overall cost of speaking with your physician will be cheaper as well. Virtual doctor visits are much quicker than in-person appointments, which means that doctors won’t charge you as much for your time.

As more people require care, it’s important that they receive the attention and treatment they deserve. Telehealth is one facet that allows this to be possible. As highlighted in just the small list above, its other economical benefits are evident as well. And as technology continues to advance, so, in turn, will these services.