What is Multiple Sclerosis (MS)?

MS is a disease with the potential to disable your brain and central nervous systems. The immune system can attack the myelin covering the nerve fibres which can cause an interruption in the communication between your brain and the rest of your body. Symptoms may vary from patient to patient but they often affect the body’s ability to move. Patients can experience numbness or weakness of the limbs, electric-shock sensations with certain movements of the body, tremors, and lack of coordination. The symptoms can also include impairment to vision including partial or complete blindness, double vision, and blurry vision. Other symptoms that may occur are slurred speech, fatigue, dizziness, tingling of limbs, and bladder and bowel dysfunction.


How Marijuana Might Help?

If the current treatment plan of your multiple sclerosis isn’t providing you with the relief you need, you may need to ask your doctor for a new course of action. Medical marijuana plants, or Cannabis sativa, are enriched with certain chemicals that affect your brain and body. Since MS is a disease that targets the brain and nervous system, cannabis could help ease the muscle spasms and pain caused. Studies suggest that using supplements with the CBD oils drawn from cannabis sativa could help the patients with their symptoms of fatigue, pain, and spasticity and possibly improve their mobility. 


Is it Common?

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society hosted a survey to provide insight as to how many patients with MS are using cannabis as a treatment plan for their disease. 66 percent of people suffering from symptoms of MS use cannabis as the treatment plan. Companies such as, MMJ International Holdings are working to investigate new drug filings with the FDA that include extracts from the marijuana plant. The company has applied for a DEA Schedule-I Bulk Manufacturer license. This will allow MMJ to cultivate cannabis plants for the purpose of treating Multiple Sclerosis and other diseases. 


“MMJ is excited to be part of this breakthrough episode of Advancements TV,” said CEO of MMJ International Holdings, Duane Boise. He continued, “We would like to commend the series on its vision and foresight in recognizing the need to educate audiences about the science of medical cannabis.” Stay tuned for more updates on medical marijuana’s growing emergence into the medical field.