No one expects the worst when they go to a routine doctor visit. Yet, for some, routine can turn into an emergency. EMed is an emergency evacuation service that provides the Caribbean and Jamaica air ambulance assistance. The company was founded in 2010 and looks to aid the residents of Jamaica and tourists when they need it most. EMed has multiple ambulances, both air, and ground, at their disposal.

The mission of the company is to provide innovative healthcare that offers entry to high-quality physicians, facilities, and ambulance evacuation services. EMed looks to lead the Caribbean region in regards to affordable healthcare.

For the family of baby Matthew, this service was a lifesaver. In 2011, when his parents took him in for a routine visit, they were told that he had a heart condition that could not be treated in Jamaica. The child would need to travel outside the area to receive treatment. EMed assisted them in getting transported to the states where the baby would undergo the help it desperately needed. The child and his mother would be transported safely from Jamaica to Fort Lauderdale. They then went to Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital in Hollywood, Florida. Matthew has been treated and is doing well now.

Yet, this is not the first case of its kind. The parents of Matthew heard of EMed through another set of parents that had used the service. The parents that recommended the services had used it to transport their own baby, Lebron, who had heart problems to the United States.

Similarly to Matthew, the services that Lebron needed were unavailable in Jamaica which is why they needed transportation. EMed went to the medical hospital where the baby was born and transported him via ambulance to the plane’s tarmac. While they awaited transport, they arranged their legal documents and then off they went. Lebron and his mother flew to the Joe DiMaggio hospital were the child would receive treatment.

EMed has helped countless others through their services. They have helped tourists that had mishaps on the island be transported back to the States and have assisted families in Jamaica receive much-needed healthcare services. EMed continues to improve their services and offerings by looking to incorporate innovative technology to help patients receive the aid they need.

The CEO of EMed is Duane Boise. The inspiration to create such an innovative company occurred when Duane was vacationing in the Caribbean and noted a lack of emergency medical services. From then on, his goal has been to implement cost-efficient and reliable patient care. EMed will continue to innovative and help patients of all kinds in the Caribbean.