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Duane Boise

President and CEO of MMJ International Holdings Corp. and Founder of EMed Jamaica.

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Duane Boise is President and CEO of MMJ International Holdings Corp. and Founder of EMed Jamaica. 

duane boise .info headshotAs an entrepreneurial executive with big-picture dreams of improving healthcare, Duane has the business background and cross-cultural expertise needed to bring these dreams into reality. Over the course of his career, Duane has immersed himself in Jamaica and in the Caribbean region; he always strives to connect with patients and to understand the evolving needs of the region firsthand.

Fittingly, Duane’s “aha” moment happened while he was vacationing in the Caribbean himself over twenty years ago. After witnessing a hotel guest suffer a mild heart attack, Duane noted a serious need for efficient emergency medical services in the region. Ever since then he has dedicated his career to creating and implementing safe, cost-efficient, and reliable patient care services in Jamaica and the Caribbean. His goals of revolutionizing healthcare culminated in the founding of EMed Jamaica. EMed Jamaica is the island nation’s only government-approved air ambulance service.The company’s low-cost medical group membership program has served as a lifesaving resource for countless people throughout the Caribbean region.


Global Presence

Various Facilities

Strategic Partnerships

As President and CEO of the company, Duane Boise has focused on integrating EMed Jamaica’s diverse services within some of the nation’s largest trade unions, credit unions, and high-end tourist resorts, among many other locations. Simultaneously, he has worked to integrate the presence of EMed within other countries; the air ambulance service transports many patients from Jamaica to Florida (US), Canada, and the UK. Duane has negotiated contracts with numerous international healthcare facilities for direct access.

Duane’s passion for helping others is what lead to MMJIH’s creation in 2015. The company’s goal is to offer assistance to patients whose needs were unmet. The company has become an industry leader for the development of medication that uses the cannabis plant. MMJ’s is successfully deriving medicines from the plant to treat different conditions, such as spasticity because of multiple sclerosis.

Duane’s enterprising work and nonprofit involvement has earned him a corporate citizenship in the Jamaican community. Duane Boise is able to build strategic and innovative partnerships at all levels, and has even connected with Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness, whose “pro-business” stance is rooted in one desire: “to improve the life of the Jamaican people.”

A resident of Florida, Duane Boise is passionate about creating and maintaining accessible, health care options on an international scale. It is crucial to provide high-quality patient support during medical emergencies — even more than just saving a life in that moment, this method is also useful for prevention, early disease detection, care management and research purposes.

As EMED technology develops and continues to lead the way in ground ambulance, air evacuations and medical concierge services, the world of healthcare is rapidly becoming more connected.

On this blog, Duane will share some of the health news and insights that emerge from the numerous regions in which he works. Stay tuned!